With Worldwide Pressures Feeling Fierce, Lit Reeezy gives a Voice to those who need it most.

Sidon Faris

Lit Reeezy proves to be way ahead of the pack in a new vanguard of rappers. Public Enemy jump-started the beginning of political rap, which focused on society’s ills. Other rappers have taken on that mantle, and the past few years have felt like their time. A great deal of inequality and oppression has ratcheted the pressure, and protest is becoming one of the few ways to release that long-simmering tension.

The oppression is particularly close to Lit Reeezy. Of Persian descent, he sees firsthand the brutal tactics used by the Iranian government to suppress its future generations. For decades the country has been in a malaise, unable to reach the potential that its people promise. Intelligent, thoughtful, and the winners of multiple Nobel Prizes influence the world. Yet, in their immediate homeland, they have been restricted. Lit pays them some mind, allowing his art to speak for them.

Another group Lit talks about is those suffering from heavy depression. The last few decades have seen anti-depressant usage skyrocket. There is something wrong with how people live, interact, and try to make it through their days. While Lit does not offer answers to such a complex problem, he hopes he can speak their truth by rapping about more significant that affect a larger number of people each year.

A highly compassionate artist, Lit Reeezy has just begun his career and has already started speaking truth to power.