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Whether you’re a team of talented individuals or a one-man show, you need to find your brand voice.
With our marketing services, you can build your brand and increase your outreach.

Innovative and unique online branding techniques


We offer out-of-the-box promotional strategies to businesses, creative artists and musicians, and solo entrepreneurs, producers, and performers.

Social Media Verification

Social Media Verification

Achieving social media verification is more than just a status symbol. It also validates your brand, enhances your reach, and boosts your online presence. Our team will help you get verified across multiple social media platforms.

press coverage services

Press Coverage

Want to get the word out? Our publicists will help you get all the press coverage you need, drafting professional and promotional press releases and updates about your brand. Why get someone to merely pitch your brand to a publication when we can help you get noticed right away?

online Influencer Marketing campaigns

Influencer Marketing

If you haven’t embraced influencer marketing yet, you’re missing out. We’ll connect you with influencers that share your brand values and can help increase engagement on your social media platforms with their reach.

TikTok & Spotify services

TikTok & Spotify

Tik Tok and Spotify are essential social media platforms for all musicians, performers, and artistes. The trick to successful marketing on these channels is strategic campaigns. We’ll help you increase your followers with our innovative ideas.

written articles and publications services

Article Writing

Don’t underestimate the power of well-written blogs and articles! Blogging is an extremely useful marketing tool and can help you expand your audience. Work with our team today and choose a package of your liking to get 10-30 professionally written articles each month that will be posted on well-known publications.

Promoting Brands Across the U.S.
Through Organic Marketing Campaigns!

Influencer Campaigns



Tik Tok has taken the music industry by storm, it is one of the fastest growing social media platforms ever. If you look at the billboard top 100, Tik Tok virility is what helped contribute to 70% of those top 100s.We work directly with Tik Tok influencers and their teams in the past to help songs & brands gain more exposure.  After doing numerous campaigns, we started to see that the micro influencers can influence the macro influencers.

Facebook and Instagram Icon

Facebook instagram

Facebook (which owns Instagram), is like the god father of all social media platforms. That being said, it is also one of the hardest algorithms to crack when promoting on the platform. Yet, they have one of the best on-platform marketing tools, Facebook’s Business Ad manager, we have utilized this tool time and time again to run Ads for clothing companies, musicians, beauty supplies, books, etc. Most people, start off by running ads through Instagram, but after multiple campaigns with close to zero results, we realized A/B testing with multiple different creatives / targeting regions through the Ad manager, gets the best results.



There are a ton of different playlists on Spotify, Editorial, Algorithmic & Third-Party Playlists. All are extremely important and beneficial. One of our clients, had over 1 Million streams from “Discover Weekly” alone, which is an Algorithmic playlist. Do you know what helps to kick in the algorithm? Third Party Play-listing. We work with over 50 playlists ranging with music from all over, Hip-Hop, R&B, Alternative Rap, Indie Pop, etc. We do NOT guarantee plays, but we do give an estimated range of plays, that the playlists deliver. It all comes down to if the listeners on the playlist, are engaging with your music!

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C4N2 is not only outstanding, they are influential. They are an exception to other digital marketing firms. They authentically know how to amplify your business. I would recommend them to anyone looking to mature their brand.
Republic Records
Republic Records
Chris B, EVP of A&R
I simply love this company. They try really hard to wow you with their services and are honest, transparent and reliable. With consistent use of their digital marketing efforts, we were able to organically grow our Sales and receive reaching press coverage. It has been a most cost effective tool with our organization and has given us the required functionality.
American Express
American Express
Kat G, Global Brand Marketing & Strategy
This is one of the best investments I’ve made for my business!
Valor Media
Valor Media
Christian Hampton, COO

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