WHOiSEE Is About To Break Free

Sidon Faris

Accruing thousands of listens in only a month is a testament to the sheer power WHOiSEE brings to his sound. The dominating spirit of sound design shows off his years of experience studying it in college and his work under his previous moniker Madhatter! Everything within the atmosphere he creates has this all-consuming presence, and he has just begun.

2023 is proving to be the year he draws from playing festivals such as Middlelands, Lights All Night, and Imagine Festival, among a slew of others, as Madhatter! Nor is this the only thing that fuels his ambition with WHOiSEE. His teaching Music Production, DJing, and more at a school called Dub Academy also informed his most recent project, as Colossal has shown.

One of the fascinating things about WHOiSEE is how effortless he sounds, but this hides the fact that he’s spent well over a decade studying virtually every facet of music, from the performance to the production, learning multiple instruments along the way. Now that he’s managed to figure out how to build out everything, starting from scratch and pouring every part
of himself into the mix.

Besides including the upcoming Demon Hour, releases will feature collaborations with Flowdan, Shaolin G. Daze Off, and, honestly, too many more to mention. His life of exploring EDM, from that beginning seed of an idea after going to his first Skrillex concert in 2012, is about to bring that genre to the next level.