Trucco Possesses Both Brawn and Brains

Sidon Faris

Trucco’s known for his background as a model and for appearances on reality TV. That’s the surface level. But dig deeper; there is much more to this Chilean of Spanish and Italian descent than meets the eye. Yes, the eye candy appeal is certainly there. Beyond that, however, an individual has his MBA from Kedge in Marseille. That is doubly impressive for an individual who could have easily rolled through coasting on his looks.

His music reveals his thoughtfulness. Skillfully crafted together, the production put into his work stuns. These are carefully laid back and flawlessly executed in a way that feels so rich. The physicality of these things, the sheer tenor of the tones, adds to their intrinsic power. Over the course of his musical career, he’s shown a definitive fondness for the club, exemplified by his various partnerships stemming from the dancefloor, incorporating the chaotic good vibes of festivals.

Lyrics rest at the heart of his pieces. He recollects his sense of navigating relationships of pure affection and tenderness, the sort of thing that defines what dance means. Within the very DNA of dance is this desire, this yearning. Part of that comes from people at the club constantly teasing and always drawing closer to each other. He takes that essence and distills it into his music, with groove, melody, and the stories told within the sound itself.