Thee JAE & AB collab on new adrenaline-pumping hit single “84/7”

Sidon Faris

Originally hailing from the DMV, Los Angeles` own emerging talent, Thee JAE, whose singularly melodic, rhythmic trap music and lyrical wordplay have taken him to new heights. Collabarating with NFL star turned hip hop icon AB, their latest up-tempo banger “84/7”  just dropped, speaking on overcoming past hardships in an optimistic manner. It expresses the artist`s past lows and recent highs while also celebrating where he’s gone, as well as looking back on what has made him this way – all with an emphasis, that there are always more possibilities waiting for us out in the world if only we look deep enough.

Thee JAE represents the best of trap music on “84/7” (feat. AB). Underneath the swagger, there is a deeper message to be found. Word choice alludes to it. Lyrics here bring elements of his past into the fray. From such past lows to current highs, a triumphant spirit runs through serving as the track’s very backbone. The history of Thee JAE makes the victory feel that much sweeter, for there is a way that the song celebrates where he’s gone as well as looking back on where he has been.

Infinitely catchy this is the sort of track that deserves to be blasted out of car speakers at the highest possible volume. Jae has a physical sound that needs to be felt as much as heard. “84/7” shows off the multi-faceted talent of Thee JAE complemented by AB`s hard-spittin` ferocity. Their latest hit single is a party anthem for the masses that will get stuck in your head for days! Stream it now everywhere.