The Organic and Digital Flow Flawlessly Together Through the Night Thanks to Julian’O

Sidon Faris

Virtually weightless, Julian’O looks towards the sky and its endless possibilities on “Through the Night.” Despite the name, there is a lightness and brightness to the piece. Perhaps his delivery, filtered through a rather tasteful number of effects, makes it an actual deep dive into the psyche. Bass rumbles, emphasizing his flow. Lots of fire gets poured into the sound, for this confessional fervor reverberates—effects like echo result in a virtual prism-like approach, especially in the vocal treatment. By treating the vocals like another element to be manipulated, he throws the listener off, twisting and turning through the entire track. Rhythms go deep into the red for the beats hit with the bass, particularly having its sense of finesse.

Guitar work sets the tone for what follows. Lyricism has this cascading waterfall quality, for the ideas seem to build off each other. Bouncing off the wall, the beats capture the intensity of the club, yet the focus on letting a relationship grow has opposite aspects. By allowing these two divergent parts to comingle, this graciousness feels genuinely righteous. Such power to it makes sure that the muscle of the production makes its presence felt. Towards the end, it all seemingly evaporates, adding to the transitory nature of relationships.

Julian’O delves into a stream of consciousness on the technicolor dream “Through the Night.”