The Mike Diamond Journey: From Rough To Polished

Sidon Faris

The gem cannot be polished without friction, nor a man perfected without trials. Chinese Proverb

Mike Diamond has anchored himself as a personality with the magnetism to cut through on TV screens through his work on TV shows such as NY Ink and Bondi Ink Tattoo Crew, but hosting shows is certainly not the extent of tools at Diamond’s disposal. He’s also an author, director, and, most importantly, an established life coach who has facilitated many people across the globe with self-development.

Diamond’s track record as a self-help aficionado culminates in the release of his new book, A Dose of Positivity. This acts as a fast-track guide to finding your purpose in life and building your ideal future. The book is partly autobiographical to show audiences that Diamond puts his money where his mouth is and has used these tools and tricks in his own life to overcome hardships.

Speaking of hardships, Mike Diamond’s life hasn’t been all smooth sailing. The source of his desire to help those around him stems from his own struggles, which he has overcome against the odds. Diamond led a troubled childhood in Australia in which he was taking drugs and alcohol from the age of 12, leading him on the path to expulsion at 16. It wasn’t until he won a Green Card Lottery Ticket and moved to Miami that he managed to see some success for himself. However, this came to him at the cost of spiritual bankruptcy which left him unfulfilled.

In 2006, in the face of impending early death, Mike got sober and turned his life around. He established a new foundation that allowed him to thrive and find peace within himself, and he hasn’t stopped there. The admirable thing about Mike is that he’s now decided to invest his newfound lust for life into helping the people around him.

Through the splices of hardships, he shares in his latest book, Mike Diamond masterfully highlights how anyone can establish key techniques to turning their lives around and creating positive changes. Suffice to say, Mike’s story and self-improvement tips have touched the lives of plenty of people, and his ability to help people has given him a sense of purpose and left him in a much more gratifying position than he once was.

The key thing that sets Mike Diamond apart from his contemporaries is his compassion for seeing everyone win and his relatability in doing so. It’s clear from the get-go of A Dose of Positivity that the world was not handed to Mike on a diamond platter. It’s obvious that he worked hard to change his life and steer it in the right direction – he’s not dishing out advice from a gold-encrusted throne of privilege; he’s speaking as someone who’s been to rock bottom and forced their head above the water again. The work that Mike has done in the name of self-improvement has culminated in some advice that’s standing the test of time and helping people of all walks of life overcome their personal situations.