Ryan Mitchell Pays Homage to that most Dangerous Game on “Russian Roulette.”

Sidon Faris

Refusing to play it safe, Ryan Mitchell goes for a sleek and stylish sound on “Russian Roulette.”

The song incorporates EDM, pop, industrial, and more elements into the singular whole. The production shines on the track with him stretching out the meaning of each gesture. For a song about such a tense situation, it feels doubly appropriate. Despite the short duration, he packs a lot into the fray, letting the sound’s evolution completely mess with the listener. His vocals perfectly sync up with the arrangement for the buildup has a joy to it.

A hushed awe introduces the track. His silky-smooth delivery does hint at a sense of danger. With each word, he further explores the vast space. Upon finally dropping that pivotal line, the whole piece blooms with color. The electronic elements, from the polished bass to the wild rhythm, further lend this noirish presence. He holds nothing back, and the way he builds upon the theme feels awe-inspiring. He crafts a truly beguiling atmosphere by taking snippets of the blues and recontextualizing them. Through his technique of bridging the ancient and modern, the result works in his favor, for he is an animalistic presence. At the finish line, it all swirls about in an actual state of delirium.

The sheer grace Ryan Mitchell imbues into “Russian Roulette” shows off his sophisticated technique resulting in a song that seemingly dilates time itself.