Raylon – let’s start

Sidon Faris

Raylon delivers a truly kaleidoscopic take on pop’s past and present on “let’s start”. The optimism the songs radiates has a luxurious gleam to them. His honeyed vocals adorn the entirety of the journey. With strong nods to the retro-futurism of the Weekend, there is a lot to take in. Elements of hip-hop, R&B, all in a pop framework, radiate through. Some of the sound does feature a strong affinity for that classic 80s poppy vibe, for the neon-hued splendor that rises up has a graciousness to it. By far the highlight and what ties the whole album together are his vocals. Confident with a bit of tenderness, his delivery invites the listener into his completely immersive world.

On “Wait” he starts things off with a bit of passion as the arrangement has a fragility to it. Far more party-oriented is the flirtatious “Kiss Me” right down to the bubbly melody that underpins the message. By far the most hyperactive comes on the taut grooves of “Enough” where he taps into Justin Bieber’s fiery spirit. Going for a late-night contemplative vibe “Well” expands out into the infinite. Tragedy rests right at the core of the sorrowful “Betray Me”. Elements of country emerge on the kind and gentle “Forgive Me” with the lyricism showing off a poignancy. Sort of pulling up from the wild ride “True Love” has a tropical sweetness. Bringing the whole album home is the contemplative “Honey Butter” which has a neat sense of humor to it.

“let’s start” revels in Raylon’s poetic lyricism for the verses feature such hope within each word.