Ogcrains Brings the End to the Reticent Rapper

Sidon Faris

Expressing oneself has always been an essential part of great music, and Ogcrains proves this. With so many musicians trying to live larger-than-life personas, Ogcrains has no problem getting down to the listener’s level. There is no flash to be found in his style. Instead, he brings an unfiltered view for all those to see.

His is not a flashy sound. It is an honest one. This style works wonders for his lyrical precision. Verses here have a bareness, keeping it down to just the facts. The production reveals a meticulous individual, a person who understands what exactly needs to be included. It can be hard to find the intention with overstuffed productions, but Ogcrains clarifies his meaning.

Out in California, he got involved in some illicit activities. Now he speaks to that past through his work. He raps with experience and an understanding of living in that world. A redemptive aspect to his lyrics gives it a bit of that southern charm, an optimism, however cautious, that there will be an improvement.

The word that comes to define his work then is gratitude. He is grateful for the people in his life. He’s also thankful for that life he escaped, for what could have been a different trajectory. A level of questioning helps to make a better person, and he constantly questions himself, adding to the relatively intimate setting of the world he inhabits.