Matthew Topper Embodies Joy for the World on Offdrugs

Sidon Faris

Matthew Topper presents a blessed blend of breakcore, jungle, and EDM on the carefree “Offdrugs.” He brings a lot into the mix, from the snare rushes to the deep house stabs. The track constantly goes further and further down the rabbit hole of these gorgeous realms. A complete transformation of Nodis’ original piece is precisely the sort of thing that highlights the message while presenting an entirely new angle. Vocals here are treated much like every other sound, for Matthew has much fun stretching the sounds out. Concise, crisp cuts further make sure that there is this sense of power to it.

Right from the first moment, he brings it all to the forefront. Nice little chord stabs add to the hyperkinetic pace. Tempos are warped, switching from an easy-going groove to something much more intense. In a few moments, Matthew even touches upon drill, allowing the piece to have this unexpected series of movements within it. So much love for its surroundings that there is this celebration of life itself. Flexible moments add to the unhinged spirit, as it has an escape from the darkness and moves into the light. Plenty of color flows into the work. The evolution of the atmosphere has a way of constantly searching for brighter pastures as it has this grandeur to it.

“Offdrugs” presents Matthew Topper’s deep understanding of electronica, resulting in a living, breathing sound that feels completely all-engrossing.