Malix drops explosive production “Rattlesnake Freestyle”

Sidon Faris

Hong Kong-raised talent Malix whips up explosive production “Rattlesnake Freestyle,” carried by an aggressive freestyle delivery with venomous beats that course through our bodies as it gets us grooving along.

A memorable showcase of this emerging talent’s ability to fuse Wester and Eastern influences together under a sonic umbrella that’s catchy yet thought-provoking, “Rattlesnake Freestyle,” rests in the nook between hip-hop and R&B.

With a bold artistry teeming with high energy, Malix who has wanted to pursue music since a young age has left no stone unturned in the pursuit of her dreams, experimenting with everything from pop and rock to everything in-between before settling on her current artistry framed by catharsis and an addictive quality – both of which shines with abundance on her latest offering.