Is It Dance or Is It Rock? Luke Spillane’s Live! Does Both

Sidon Faris

A true party starter if there ever was one, Luke Spillane embodies a sheer love of life on “Live!”. The embodiment of DFA Records’ mission statement, Luke Spillane takes the energy from arena rock

and the blast of EDM concerts blending both. Like James Murphy said about Daft Punk, Luke brings dance to the rock kids. Or dance to the rock kids; it can be hard to tell which style dominates precisely. Instead, this is a partnership where he makes duration an essential ally in the scope of work.

Quick, pulse-like synthesizers blast through on “Hit Clean.” With vigorous nods to Primal Scream’s 90s output is the carefree attitude of “And as If Not,” featuring chords that gradually dissolve only to be constantly reassembled. The chic scope of “Love Beat” has a robotic funkiness, going for beats that start and stop on a dime. Various percussive elements mix with arpeggiated melodies on the rave-up of “Marco Saw.” Massive in every possible sense, “Testing” serves as the centerpiece, clocking in at over fifteen minutes and incorporating beats that just don’t quit. “My Song 15” has a stylishness behind it.

Acid techno plays an essential role in the sci-fi scope of “Us.” Rhythms are rushed, bringing things to the breaking point on “That’s It!” where the pitch shifts are genuinely disorienting. On “Two,” the album ends with its own sense of pure ecstasy.

Perfectly titled, Luke Spillane bursts with a tremendous amount of confidence and sheer lust for life that is “Live!”.