Introducing “You” by Futrell

Sidon Faris

Futrell is a singing and dancing group consisting of four brothers: Daivon Futrell, Ditanian Futrell, Desmond Futrell, and Dominic Futrell. The group is based out of Los Angeles, CA, but the brothers are originally from St. Louis, MO. The four brothers harmonized together at a young age and were eventually trained to become a professional group. Futrell first started performing in 2014 and has since performed at a variety of events and venues. The group is known for their high-energy performances and their ability to engage the audience.

Futrell’s experience performing alongside the legendary group, “The Temptations” was one that not only helped to shape their musical career, but also allowed them to be mentored by founding member Otis Williams. The release of their biggest hit, “Complicated”, garnered attention from R&B fans all over the world due to its exceptional sound. The combination of the brothers’ harmonious voices and passionate lyrics created a sound that was unlike anything that had been heard before in the industry. This experience helped to launch Futrell’s career and further move to cement their place as growing artists.

Futrell`s most recent release, “You” a heartfelt, rhythmic, ballad, precisely anchored by a kick drum, strings and synths, dropped Sept 4, 2022, further moves to cement their ascending stardom in the music industry. The song is a heartfelt dedication to a lost love and the lyrics are sure to resonate with listeners. The production value is top-notch, and the song has already received rave reviews from critics. It`s clear that Futrell are a group on the rise, and “You” is yet another example of their incredible talent. We can`t wait to see what they do next.