IamKay, Don’t Play That Game

Sidon Faris

On “Play,” IamKay’s latest single, he lets a breakup form the crux of the story. How he enables the narrative to unfold adds to the track’s realism. He features the right level of detail and does it with the most significant amount of dignity. Arrangements behind him further cement this style and vivid imagery down.

Essentially IamKay has been doing things his way for a while. With a brand and label behind him, he’s managed to attract large audiences to his distinct sound. These audiences go beyond the regular online following. His performances are legendary, for his fans are excited by the positive energy he brings into each one.

The style he has is contemporary in nature. Glossy, shimmering basslines alongside glowing melodies, he has that production down pat. Everything about his world is honest. He presents his emotions in real time for the audience to pick apart.

A whole mixture of approaches adds to the emotional heft. Everything within it offers this multitude of possibilities. In some moments, he goes for an awe-inspiring swagger; in other moments, he self-doubts. By opting for this multifaceted feature, he makes sure that there is clarity to the vision itself.

With so many singles already out and many more due in the next year, IamKay presents a hybrid take on hip-hop, one in touch with its roots and pointing toward the future.