Damon Fletcher Brings Optimism onto the Dance Floor

Sidon Faris

Pure positivity reigns supreme over Damon Fletcher’s polished tracks. Already imbued with tremendous confidence, he is the sound that resonates in the club. His path to this moment has been one of constant perseverance underpinned by the sheer strength of the beats. The attention to detail pays off in many ways – from his incorporation of the soul into the electronic atmosphere, he is some next-level work.

He started this project amid the pandemic. While everybody else was hunkering down, he started shifting his passion into a steady career. With a handful of singles, he manages to get the party started. Volume is a given, for his style has a physicality that reflects upon the club’s walls, bouncing off them with vibrancy and a sense of togetherness doubly potent.

Others have taken note of his unique approach. Some big names like Lecrae, Lance Bass, and Damon Dash all unabashedly enjoy the few tracks he’s already laid down. Ne-Yo calls Damon’s first single, “Hustle with a Purpose,” “pretty dope,” which feels perfectly apt. However, those are just a few of the artists who have appreciated the new style that Damon brings to the table.

Audiences have gotten in on the love for Damon’s surroundings. “Hustle with a Purpose” has garnered over 400,000 YouTube views, with many more undoubtedly following, while his latest single, “Elevate” is rapidly gaining more steam. To capitalize on this, he’s already working on his debut album, one that will continue with tremendous energy and gracious grooves for which he is becoming well-known.