Compassionate to its Core, David Elise Explores the Heartfelt on Letters From The Postman

Sidon Faris

Society has gone through a lot together in the past few years, and David Elise makes that the essence of his message in “Letters From The Postman”. From the melancholy of the melody to the way his verses capture the large and small people’s experiences, there is a loveliness to it. The song has an unassuming disposition to it. Never needing to raise his voice he sings as if speaking to a friend. Lots of the sound has this grace to it, lighter than air and seemingly embracing a timeless, classic stance to his way of being.

Not a moment is wasted for the song starts up immediately. He lets the moments of collective trauma of COVID lockdowns alongside the isolation it brought to the forefront. Drums have this nice gentle demeanor to them. Everything features a careful, consistent pace to it. By ensuring nothing is rushed he dilates time, allowing it to capture an ever-greater number of emotions into the fray. Though he has no easy answers, he does make sure to offer the pure and complete truth. Little details from the isolated family structure to how businesses saw themselves shutter down are reflected in his little drive through small-town America.

“Letters From The Postman” shows off the exquisite charm of David Elise for he sings with such love for the world around him.