Sidon Faris

Typically, artists are thought of as having one single focus. Ch3ls proves that the assumption is false. A woman of many talents, she’s been showcasing them for years. Nor does she limit where she has sung, going from different trios, quartets, girl groups, and even the blessed style of yodeling. Because an actual singer, someone who wants to improve truly, will want to experience all of it.

She has. She’s performed in theatres in Colorado, opry houses in Oklahoma, horse races in Texas, and American Idol auditions in Arizona. This sheer breadth of moments within her life has filtered into her most recent work on “Angel Sent to Nashville.” One of the reasons her delivery there sounds so genuine is that she understands all the hardship it took to get there, all the things she went through, and thus can truly appreciate it all.

Best of all, she is just getting started. With her band, she’s been able to tour nationally, create poetic lyricism, and bring the listener into her little corner of the sonic universe. Of course, blues requires that depth, and it shows. But, to keep it utterly entrancing, she lets the rock element filter on into the fray.

Grateful is a great way to describe what she does, for she emphasizes a graciousness that countless audiences have felt and will feel in the future.