c4n2: Make Headlines

Sidon Faris

Press Releases ought to do the brand justice. Entire souls are poured into a brand. Words should make that readily apparent. They convey the excitement of this beautiful thing entering the world with the halcyon days about to hit. At their best, they can be inspirational, helping interest grow. Lots of these things should become immediately apparent, but for the brand to speak for itself, it needs somebody to talk for it first. Far too often, a lot is going through any given individual’s mind at any moment. By providing a Press Release the freedom to roam, that is when it can make its maximum impact.

No two Press Releases are the same. Yet, those who see one have, to some extent, seen them all. Usually, there are hyperbolic elements about how this or that brand will change the world. A revolutionary thing, but how can that be known without that item first getting the proper Press Release? Sometimes the better brand, the brand that should have won, did not. History’s littered with these examples – Beta versus VHS. Beta was the superior technology, hands-down. Yet it failed, doomed by its confidence that it could not pass on its customers, its partners, really anybody.

The Press Release needs to say something in a strikingly new way. The sort of screamed headline screamed line that forces the reader to come to attention. Perfect ones are an example of what to do moving forward, the odd cadence, the turn of phrase that becomes so potent it takes on a life of its own. Marketing, essentially. Brands are good at it but to get that fighting chance; they need to have the right people in their corner.

c4n2 are the right people. They have been on the receiving end of those press releases, with several rappers currently working in the company. Quite creative down to their core, they have had Press Releases written about them, so they know from years of experience what has worked and what has failed. Going through this means they can sympathize with what the brands are trying to accomplish of what it takes to rise above.

One of the beautiful things about c4n2 is how they applied the good and the bad together within their agency’s practice. They do not write boilerplate. A deep understanding of how brands work now helps guide their Press Releases. Multiple individuals within c4n2 have brought with them literal decades of collective experience, seeing how promotion has undergone so many different changes. With this knowledge, they project where things might head next, the essential elements to get across, and how to do it nimbly.

This attention to the past, present, and future, allows The c4n2 Agency to deliver something highly unique, a product absolutely customized for every brand they work with.