c4n2: Let’s Get That Blue Check

Sidon Faris

Talking about getting that bread every morning brings back memories of when people ate bread. Nobody cares about bread anymore. Many more important things are checked, multiple items, before any food gets consumed or any attempt is made to start work.

One of those things that is a must-check for every single morning after waking up is checking an endless plethora of social media. Yes, the friends are lovely, and the connections are excellent.

Though much fun comes from the mystique of social media, the blue check next to a name, an indication of status to a large degree, there are monetary and social elements to this check mark. People could put a price on it, but to a large extent, it is impossible to monetize fully. One of those squishy elements for a brand used to be defined and accounted for in terms of “goodwill.” Brands would get that goodwill over quite an extended period, but that period constantly grows shorter and shorter.

c4n2 understands that time is of the essence in that case. Nobody can wait decades for their brand to build up the requisite goodwill with their audience. Social media moves too quickly for that to be a viable option. Instead, they work immediately with the brand to get that little detail taken care of. It is a minor detail because the verification process is insignificant compared to many of the larger significations, what to offer, where to expand, and the brand’s online persona.

More time ought to be spent on this fun aspect. Leave the unpleasantness of the verification process to those who have been through the wringer repeatedly. Best of all, the c4n2 individuals who guide brands through this process underwent these verification steps in their creative pursuits. Rappers, musicians, artists, and the c4n2 crew realize the importance of focusing on the core critical elements of a brand, of getting things verified and running.

With many social media already gaining currency and goodwill, if you will, it makes sense to get started immediately. Blue check marks next to their names would be extraordinary for a friend or family member. Nobody expects it. It would be a bit overkill, typically. However, the reverse is valid for a brand. Brands without that next to them, well, it is a split-second of hesitation that people feel when interacting with them online. Considering how fast everything moves now, that split-second hesitation could be all that it takes to go from being read to left unread.

Best of all, c4n2 realizes where these social media verifications are going and how they keep becoming more powerful within a brand’s toolkit.