America (Secrets & Money) has Andii Styron asking the country to take a long hard look in the mirror

Sidon Faris

Andii Styron speaks for those who have no voice on “America (Secrets & Money)”. Politically charged to its very core, the song focuses on the downtrodden, those too often forgotten living in the margins of society. The message is of one that draws from Woody Guthrie’s sense of purpose, a desire to correct the obvious ills that too often define the United States. Unlike Guthrie’s “This Land Is Your Land”, there is no way to misinterpret her message; no way to try and spin it any other direction. It covers the many wrongsfrom the abuse of power to those overlooked yetliving in plain sight. To which have been accumulating over the years. For all the talk about how this cannot be, there is very little action being done to placate this justified outrage beyond mere window dressing.
Lyrics are the essence of the message. Right from the beginning, there is a zero-sum game on display, one that shows the failings of unchecked selfishness. The callous nature of the ruling class certainly gets blasted, for it shows the indifferent attitude of those who have a standing in judgment of those who do not. Quite a biting indictment. The verses cut all the way to the bone.
Delivered with a fiery bluesy spirit, Andii Styron’s “America (Secrets & Money)” confronts a society that lets people fall by the wayside, for no other reason than the greed of a few rather than the needs of the many.