A Kaleidoscopic Array of Colors filters through Kim Sane’s A Fantastic Journey

Sidon Faris

Emerging London, UK artist Kim Sane has been making waves throughout the realm of electronic music with his singular style and continues to spread his influence. He’s also produced some exceptional crowd-pleasing favorites in both the Indie House and Melodic Techno genres that continually pull in the mobs at his events.

Kim Sane makes techno of the purest form on “A Fantastic Journey”. With the clever use of filters, the many textures explored within the track feel dazzling. Driving rhythms underpin the track. Grooves on here feature elements of the square wave with a distinct Italo disco flair. The main focal point remains that melody gets treated to a number of different variations, both in terms of sheer strength as well as delicacy. By exploring the distance between the gritty and the powerful, Kim offers a study of contrasts. Pure happiness pops out of the sound for it embodies the togetherness that dance music embodies and what led to its creation.

The metronomic precision of synth drums introducing the sound belies the increasingly complicated elements that emerge from underneath. Slowly but steadily, he brings the hook into a fully realized whole, giving the song a living, breathing vibrancy. His ear for melody appears throughout with that initial impulse giving way to rather fascinating frequencies. A whole sonic spectrum gets brought into the fray, for his experimentation adheres to his melodic instincts. Much of the evolution occurs gradually. The ebb and flow of the track add to its liveliness. Even the overall mood gets unified through his obsessive attention to detail with the piece radiating a sense of crystal clarity.


A Fantastic Journey shows off Kim Sane’s ability to craft a sound that refuses to be pigeonholed. A collab with Parisian EDM DJ/Producer Stone Van Brooken, “Ethereal” has been recently released and has gathered significant notoriety for its distinctive soundscape.