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Press FAQs

FAQ #1: Are these article placements guaranteed? 

Answer: You can be assured of a placement for your article – if not, we’ll offer you a full refund. It’s our guarantee.

FAQ #2: Are these article placements tailored toward my genre / demographic? 

Answer: With a tailored strategy for your genre, niche, and demographic, we can create an impactful campaign. For example, if you’re in the EDM field, then YourEDM, Earmilk, and RunTheTrap are some of the names that often appear when searching “Best EDM blogs,” ensuring maximum visibility.

FAQ #3 :  What does this do for my career? 

Answer: With the press, you’re presented with an exceptional opportunity to build a lasting legacy of credibility in the digital world that will stand out on Google – think of it like your lasting first impression. Additionally, this can improve SEO, making it more straightforward for fans to locate and engage with you through search engines.

Spotify FAQs:

FAQ #1: Are your playlists organic? 

Answer: We embrace an organic approach to our playlists, shunning the use of bots and prioritizing quality over quantity for you to maximize your streaming experience.

At our agency, we practice what we preach. Our team of creatives are also talented artists who understand the value and satisfaction of knowing a job is well done – something they never fail to deliver on.

We ensure every single solution we offer aligns with our standards; if it’s not good enough for us, it will not be presented to you.

FAQ #2: What is the guarantee? 

Answer: Our organic third-party playlists will ensure your music is heard, with an approximate stream count that correlates to your chosen promotional campaign.

If our curators deem that your song isn’t up to snuff, there’s no need to worry; we will refund you in full.

FAQ #3: I’ve seen cheaper pricing for Spotify marketing. Why are you guys special? 

Answer: Shop confidently with us. Our competitive pricing will save you money while also giving you the peace of mind that comes from knowing our team is available to guide and support you every step of the way.

What does this mean? At our company, we prioritize your safety and success first. We strive to provide you with the best services that ensure a secure experience free of any risk factors that could negatively impact your algorithm or get flagged by Spotify.