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As the seasons come and go, so do our favorite tunes. Spotify recognizes this and creates “Seasonal Playlists” to help us keep up with ever-changing music trends—from brightening summer days with “Summer Vibes” to curling up at home during wintertime with “Christmas Coffeehouse.” By tapping into these musical movements, we can ensure that no matter how fleeting a season may be.


Spotify does not curate these… but they are the next best thing. Only about 1% of Influencer-Owned Genre playlists pass our test for legitimacy, and we can pitch anything from EDM, Rap, Rock, Indie, and more! You can expect these placements to loosely match your musical genre or a complementary genre with audience overlap.

Sound Track

Major record labels have uncovered a new, effective method to reach music lovers worldwide – Soundtrack Playlists. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) makes these playlists incredibly influential; when users actively search for their favorite films, television programs, and video games on Spotify, the Soundtracks appear first in the results! In addition, it allows Artists’ songs to be found more easily by those searching.

Get Your Music on Legitimate Spotify

Tap into the same network of influencers that major record labels use to spread their reach and find new fans:

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True Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Don’t risk your music being taken down! You’ll never have to worry about ethical issues when building an audience with us. Instead, we practice “Influencer Marketing,” which utilizes the influence of individuals with their fanbases, such as playlist curators – providing your song a legitimate platform for listenership growth without any questionable legal complications. Our influencers will direct traffic toward your track and reap brand-new audiences through transparent means.

We are 100% Spotify Compliant

Did you know that paying to get on a playlist is illegal? Don’t worry; the FBI isn’t going to come knocking! However, you could be risking the safety of your music by breaking the Spotify Terms of Service. Unfortunately, many of our competitors don’t care about this rule, and unknowing artists have found their music to be removed from Spotify as a consequence of “payola.” That’s why we do things entirely differently.

Redefining The Definition of “Organic”

We take “Organic” Spotify Promotion seriously. We know how important authenticity is and will never settle for good enough when it comes to connecting music with tastemakers; if a playlist doesn`t perfectly fit your song’s theme, then we’ll search until finding one that truly makes sense—or offers you a full refund. Likewise, our high standards ensure no artist has their work cheapened by unscrupulous companies claiming to provide an organic service but delivering anything else behind the scenes.

Peace of Mind Assurance

Maximize the success of your campaign with Peace of Mind! Our services provide you with a generous balance between cost and quality, allowing for reliable investment in an influencer to reach beyond expectations. Feel secure knowing that personalized attention is only ever one call away.

Is this the real deal? Rest assured

To uncover the truth behind so-called “real organic promotion,” we purchased services from some of our competitors. However, what they delivered was drastically different than promised – far from authentic! Our analytics give a clear side-by-side comparison that provides an illuminating insight into the reality of their product.


Step 1

Our secure payment processor makes it easy to get your song noticed! We’ll tailor placement opportunities with our extensive network of influencers, boasting a collective reach of 10 million dedicated fans – all within budget.

Step 2

Showcase your song to an esteemed network of influencers, explicitly curated for quality placements on highly-engaged Spotify playlists with authentic listeners. We won’t rest until we’ve achieved the desired results of your campaign and brought you the recognition from fans that you deserve.

Step 3

Your music will find its way to true aficionados, elevating engagement across the entire sonic landscape – and onboarding listeners on an unforgettable Fan Journey!

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Spotify Platform

Spotify has become the go-to platform for music lovers all over the world. With its millions of active users, it is no wonder that artists are clamoring to get their music on Spotify can be complex and time consuming. 

That’s where we come in. We help artist submit their music to Spotify, while also allowing curators to earn rewards as they explore new music. By streamlining the submission process and providing an incentive for curators, we are making it easier than ever for new artists to get their music heard. So if you’re an artist looking to get your music on Spotify, or a curator looking for new tunes, we’ve got you covered.

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