Pure Poetry in Motion SHØWGUN

jane blackwell

SHØWGUN channels the spirit of rock’s revolutionary years with their catchy melodies and empowering sound. This band still knows how to have fun in the rock world. They have an undeniable chemistry with each other while tapping into one of the pivotal movements within this genre –from the late 80s to the early 90s.

A genuinely reckless sound, SHØWGUN’s take on rock rejects easy categorization. The classic rock sound gets thrown asunder, for theirs is a modern take on that beloved sound. Far the usual fare, they speed through everything crushing everything in their path. Ray’s riffs, Jax’s drum hits, and of course, the double-wielding strength of bassist Olivia and lyricist/lead vocalist Aris ensure that things flirt with pure chaos regularly.

Their sheer wall of sound feels ideally suited for their mission statement – to take back control. This may seem contradictory, given how out of control they sound. After that first initial listen, go deeper. Multiple playthroughs reveal a lot going on underneath the surface level. Perhaps this is what they mean by a new twist on a classic sound. Classic rock would be OK with that surface-level reading, but the more profound meaning, that’s modern contemporary, crushing it.

A significant influence on an ever-growing group of bands, SHØWGUN have a seriousness and expertise that underplays their age. Together they explore what it means to tap into newfound independence with the loss of control of becoming a young adult. They make youth an essential element of their style, which makes sense given that they are all currently attending college. It also gives their lyrics about growing up feeling that much more honest.


No looking back for them SHØWGUN sing of the present, the here and now.